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Is The 4 Hour Work Week A Lie? Book Review by Alex Becker

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Is The 4 Hour Work Week A Lie? Book Review by Alex Becker

Is The 4-Hour Work Week A Lie?

First of all, everything Alex Becker does is worth paying attention to. His energy, his creativity, and his opinions and insights alone make him someone you should watch.

His success also speaks for itself, saying, “Listen to me! I know what I’m talking about.”

So, his thoughts? Is the concept behind this book a lie?

1. Problem: It is selling the ultimate ‘pipe dream.’ It is STUPID to think you can work four hours a week and succeed. It WON’T happen.

2. You really have to plan to work hard. And the thought of a “passive income” that will last 20 years! Crazy. The internet is constantly changing.

3. Creating a passive income takes EXTREME skill. Or a ton of money! You have to plan to WORK HARD and LEARN a lot. Look at Tim Ferris. He is a super hard-working person.

Main Takeaway:

Become a skilled entrepreneur. Build a business. Work hard. Plan for long-term, hard-earned success. Don’t start out trying to create “passive income,” something you can walk away from. It most likely will not happen.

Now, watch the ever-entertaining, always-worthwhile Alex Becker on his latest rant…

Alrighty! Did you learn a lot from Becker’s vid? I honestly hope so!

So, what is a way that you can create a sustainable internet income? I’m glad you asked. The Millionaire Society is a website that will absolutely help you create valuable, long-lasting websites that will earn you money. Read more…

Millionaire Society Product Review

Is Millionaire Society worthy of your consideration? We’re about to find out! Our review will begin shortly. But first, I think it’d be good if I were to very quickly give a proper introduction. I’m Greg, and helping you to make a decision that you can live with is my top priority with this review.

An unbiased review is the only kind of review worth your time, in my opinion. It really irks me when I just want the honest facts about a product, only to be bombarded with over-hyped promotional content when I go to find a review of it. I’d like to think that I’m above such practices when I’m on this side of the fence.

With that said, I do receive financial compensation for my time. If you buy Millionaire Society through my link today, in other words, I will gratefully collect an affiliate commission. Please know, this has no effect on the price you pay, nor does it make me any less objective. I’d rather earn your trust than your money any day of the week.

Sure, affiliate commissions are certainly appreciated, but only if you feel that I’ve done a good job with my review. 🙂 Again, your price is never affected by purchasing through my link.

Does that sound fair?

With that disclaimer aside, let’s go ahead and look at Millionaire Society to uncover any potential dirt. 😉

Millionaire Society Review – What is Millionaire Society?

Millionaire Society is a Internet Marketing product that was released in 2010 and has been constantly updated since then, right up to the 2017 version. It was created by Mack Michaels and is available thru the trusted internet vendor called Clickbank.

Of course, this Internet Marketing success information is supposed to help you “make money than a doctor.” Our question is, are its claims legitimate? So, let’s dive in…

Are Other Millionaire Society Reviews Favorable… Or Not?

When reviewing any product, the first thing I look at are the existing reviews that others (particularly actual customers) have written. Web properties like, CNet, and even various forums will frequently have many honest product reviews left by actual humans.

Now when it comes to Millionaire Society, it appears as if the bulk of reviews seem to be really quite good. Most people seem to go to its clear and specific steps as its main good point, while its use of too many examples had some people wondering whether or not their investment was a sound one.

Of course, you can find both good and bad in any product, for the most part. And this is probably as good a time as any to showcase some of the pros and cons associated with Millionaire Society…

Millionaire Society Review – The Good:

  • Copy and Paste simple
  • Has lots of successful people sharing testimonials
  • Uses a system that has been working for years on the Internet and will continue to work for many years
  • Actually helps you create a website that provide useful, helpful information
  • Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses…

Millionaire Society Review – The Bad:

  • Uses a lot of examples (takes a while to read)
  • I didn’t really like the font they use on their website
  • Some people don’t like the one-week trial offer

Those whose reviews were more positive claimed that some of these negative experiences can be avoided if one takes the time to read everything or make full use of the one week trial period (You can get a LOT done). Do with that what you will. 🙂

Should You Buy Millionaire Society? – Our Conclusion:

It seems that, thanks to the reviews left by actual customers, it’s pretty safe to assume that Millionaire Society may be worth your consideration. You just need to remember to actually follow their detailed instructions and take the time necessary to complete each step, in order.

If you can do that, you should be absolutely fine going with Millionaire Society today. Worst case scenario is that you can get a refund. But we don’t see any reason to believe that it will come to that. 🙂

The best place to buy Millionaire Society is through the official vendor, Clickbank, which you can conveniently do through this link right here.

I really appreciate you checking out my Millionaire Society review. I hope it has helped you to make an informed decision.

Click Here for More Information, and we’ll talk again soon.

All the best,

Greg Purnell

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